Jan 13, 2009

What is Profile Options in Oracle Apps:

Profiles :

A user profile is a set of changeable options that affects the way your applications run. Oracle Application Object Library establishes a value for each option in a user’s profile when the user logs on or changes responsibility. Your user can change the value of profile options at any time. Oracle Application Object Library provides many options that your users can set to alter the user interface of your applications to satisfy their individual preferences.

Oracle Applications user profiles help you satisfy the following business needs. You should be able to:

* Set options that affect your application’s behavior to your preference
* Modify product–specific variables that affect the functionality of your application to suit your business environment

User profile options exist at Site, Application, Responsibility and User levels. Oracle Application Object Library treats user profile levels as a hierarchy, where User is the highest level of the hierarchy, followed by Responsibility, Application and at the lowest level, Site. Higher–level option values override lower–level option values. Each user profile option ordinarily exists at each level.

* Site Level is the lowest user profile level. Site–level option values affect the way all applications run at a given installation.

* Application : Application is the user profile level immediately above Site. Application–level option values affect the way a particular application runs.

* Responsibility Level :Responsibility is the user profile level immediately above Application. Responsibility–level option values affect the way applications run for all users of a responsibility.

* User Level : User is the highest user profile level and is immediately above Responsibility. User–level option values affect the way applications run for an application user.


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Thank you very much most use full site.

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