Sep 10, 2012

Unix Traninig Schedule for 2 Days

Unix Basics

Day 1:

UNIX overview                                                                  
          UNIX Architecture
                   - Function of Shell & Kernel
                             How shell processes a command?
                             Shell’s Meta characters
                             Different shells in Unix and their overview,    
                   - Unix Filesystem

Basic UNIX commands
          User Account
          Login Process
          Types of commands based on their location
                   Internal commands
                   External commands
          Using UNIX commands
                   Setting password
                             File types
                             File Names
                   Understanding Pathnames
                   Understanding Directories
                   Listing Files and Directories
                             Matching Filenames
                   Finding the File Type
                   Creating and deleting directories
                   Viewing files
                   Printing files
                   Viewing Print Queues
                   Copying Files and Directories
                   Renaming and Deleting Files

                   Input, Output and Error redirection

          Command Substitution

                   cat, more, less, head, tail, wc, bc, cut, sort, uniq, tee, tr,
                   grep, egrep, fgrep, sed, awk

Day 2

          Hard Links
                   Creating Hard Links
                   Deleting Hard Links
                   Significance of Hard Links
          Soft Links
                   Creating Soft Links
                   Deleting Soft Links
                   Significance of Soft Links

Understanding UNIX Security
          The Password Database
                   The /etc/passwd
                   The /etc/group
                   The /etc/shadow
          The File and Directory Protection
                   Changing File Permissions
                   Setting Default Permissions
          Becoming another user (using su)
          Exploring the 'chmod' in depth
                   User ID
                   Effective User ID
                   Group ID
                   Effective Group ID
                   Sticky Bit
                   Set User ID Bit
                   Set Group ID Bit
          The Super User concept
          Change Ownership    - The 'chown' command
          Change Group          - The 'chgrp' command
Understanding a process
          The process id
          The foreground process
          The background process

Shell Environment  in bash and korn shells
          variables, aliases, history of commands

vi editor basics


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