Mar 25, 2010

REP-1219 : 'object name' has no size -- length or width is zero.

REP-1219 : 'object' has no size -- length or width is zero.

How to solve "REP-1219" error:

Cause: In creating your layout, you created a layout object that has itsWidth and/or Height set to zero.

Action: In the property sheet for the object, enter a value for Widthand/or Height.

SOLUTION DESCRIPTION:=====================
REP-1219 can occur when you have built a report as a bitmapped report, butthen run it in character mode.
When you run in character mode, the fields and boilerplate are rounded to thenearest character cell. Unfortunately, this can sometimes result in theobjects getting rounded down to have a height of zero, causing this error.

Re-default the layout with 'Use Character Units in the Layout Editor' reportproperty checked.
If you have done a lot of work on the layout that you don't want to lose, try:
o Increasing the appropriate field's height in the Layout Editor, oro Changing the field to use a larger font.For example: go from Courier 10 to Courier 12
SOLUTION EXPLANATION:=====================
A report can be defined using inches, centimeters, picas/points, orcharacters. In character mode, the unit is character. In bitmapped mode thedefault unit is inch, but it may also be set to centimeters or picas/points.
REP-1219 errors occur when the bitmapped object that you have converted tocharacter mode is less than half the height or width of a character cell. Asa result, Reports has mapped its size to zero during formatting.
Basically if the bitmap unit of measure equates to a size smaller than 1character, it will convert to 0 size, and REP-1219 will occur.

Note - This seems to be a common error with Oracle Reports 10g. The trick is to convert the report using Tools > File Conversion and convert it into character mode. The file extension stayed the same (RDF) in my situation.

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