Mar 26, 2010

Script To find Oracle API's for any module

Following script and get all the packages related to API in Oracle applications, from which you can select APIs that pertain to AP. You can change the name like to PA or AR and can check for different modules

select substr(a.OWNER,1,20)
, substr(a.NAME,1,30)
, substr(a.TYPE,1,20)
, substr(u.status,1,10) Stat
, u.last_ddl_time
, substr(text,1,80) Description
from dba_source a, dba_objects u
and u.object_name =
and a.text like '%Header%'
and a.type = u.object_type
and like 'PA_%API%'
order by

Oracle Database 11g The Complete Reference (Osborne ORACLE Press Series)

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