Nov 29, 2010

Developer Assignments

1. What is the Data Block Wizard useful for?
A1: -This section will build applications that are always based on tables or views

2: -What is the difference between a content canvas and a stacked canvas?
A2: -A content canvas is the canvas that appears when the application first starts up. Each form must have a content canvas. A stacked canvas, on the other hand, has the capability to overlay or appear on top of other canvases to hide information or to show parts of information when other information is being accessed

3: -Does Oracle Developer come with online help?
A3: -Yes, All the Oracle manuals are available by clicking the Help button at the right end of the toolbar

4: -What is the role of the Item Property Palette?
A4: -This palette controls all the aspects of each item, including its visual attributes, how text is entered, and whether the field is even enterable, as well as its associated help text and its list-of-values (LOVs)

5: -In the following example, explain what this code is doing and explain the column with the ':'
select st_vendor_seq.nextval
into :st_vendor.vendor_id
from sys.dual;
A5: -This code would be used to populate the variable 'vendor_id' in the block 'st_vendor' with the next value of the sequence

6: -What is a LOV and what is it useful for?
A6: -List Of Values and is useful to display items in a popup-like pick list with the contents of another table

7: -How should a LOV be accessed?
A7: -add a button with WHEN-MOUSE_CLICK trigger assigned and the only contents of this trigger is to call the LIST_VALUES key built-in

8: -Describe Query mode and what it is useful for.
A8: -Query Mode allows the forms user to see all rows of the assigned table or only certain rows depending on the data entered into the form columns. If data is entered, the data becomes the 'where' clause

9: -What is a control block and how does it differ from a data block?
A9: -A control block has no underlying table. It is useful for hidden work fields, fields that allow data entry for use elsewhere in the form, and so on

10: -In Web-based forms, what triggers may be undesirable?
A10: -'WHEN-MOUSE-' type triggers, they may not work and/or they may create quite a bit of additional network traffic.

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