Nov 29, 2010

SQL Assignments 01

1: -What is a relational database?
A1: -The relational database supports a single, "logical" structure called a relation, a two-dimensional data structure commonly called a table in the database

2: -What is the difference between a primary key and a unique key?
A2: -Unlike primary keys, unique keys can contain null values

3: -Who is considered the father of relational databases? What was the first SQL language called? What company produced the first working relational database?
A3: -Dr. E. F. Codd, SEQUEL, Relational Systems, Inc (later became Oracle Corp)

4: -The type of SQL used to update data, delete rows, and so on is known as what? The type of SQL used to create objects is known as what?
A4: -DML and DDL

5: -What is Deja-view?
A5: -The ability to produce a result set based on a particular time (utilizing Oracle's read-consistent view mechanism)

6: -List-partitioning is useful for what?
A6: -partition data based on character data
7: -How does Data Pump work?
A7: -treat operating-system files as Oracle tables for the purposes of data loading

8: -What would be a good use of having multiple buffer pools?
A8: -Gives the DBA the ability to further separate various types of object access from other types of object access

9: -What is the old name for Net8?
A9: -SQL*Net

10: -Describe the basic role of DBA Studio.
A10: -Oracle click 'n shoot administrative tool

11: -Describe Log Miner and what it might be useful for.
A11: -Displays information from the Oracle online and archive log files, creates UNDO and REDO SQL, and can audit a variety of user activities.

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