Nov 30, 2010

FAQ Reports...

1: -What is the difference between a tabular report and a form-like report?
A1: -The Tabular report is the typical style with rows and columns, whereas Form-like can print a row of data per page

2: -Using Oracle Reports, what are the two ways of putting in a SELECT statement for data selection?
A2: -Query Builder or a pre-written SQL statement

3: -What is the spool command useful for in SQL*Plus style reports?
A3: -To capture the report output image in an operating system file

4: -Where is the best place to put the SRW procedures when enhancing HTML reports?
A4: -The BEFORE REPORT trigger

5: -Does Oracle Reports support Java? If so, where does it go?
A5: -Yes, Boilerplate Text Item with "Contains HTML tags" property item set to YES.

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