Nov 29, 2010

PL-SQL Assignments 01

1: -What does PL/SQL stand for?
A1: -Procedural Language SQL

2: -What exactly is a stored procedure?
A2: -A stored procedure is a code module that does some processing and returns a code stating that the procedure was successful or not

3: -What is the difference between a Named PL/SQL block and an Un-named PL/SQL block?
A3: -Named PL/SQL blocks can be called in the form of procedures or functions, un-named PL/SQL are imbedded in applications

4: -What are the three syntax basics of any PL/SQL block?
A4: -Begin, Exceptions, End

5: -The special datatype %TYPE is useful for what?
A5: -%TYPE is useful to guarantee that the datatype and length of the variable matches that of a column in the database

6: -PL/SQL uses the DBMS_OUTPUT.PRINT_LINE. What needs to be set in SQL*Plus to see this output?
A6: -use of SQL*Plus environment setting SET SERVEROUTPUT ON is set when the PL/SQL feature DBMS_OUTPUT.PRINT_LINE is used

7: -What are the three kinds of loops?
A7: -Basic, For, and While

8: -What are the two variables available to PL/SQL when Oracle errors occur?

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