Nov 30, 2010

Oracle apps’s technical FAQs 02

,Release 12 - Technical (eBussiness Suite): Oracle apps’s technical FAQs 1

25) What are the User PARAMETERS in the Reports?
FND SRWINIT sets your profile option values, multiple organizations and allows Oracle Application Object Library user exits to detect that they have been called by an Oracle Reports program.
FND SRWEXIT ensures that all the memory allocated for AOL user exits have been freed up properly.
FND FLEXIDVAL are used to display flex field information like prompt, value etc
FND FLEXSQL these user exits allow you to use flex fields in your reports
FND FORMAT_CURRENCY is used to print currency in various formats by using formula column
26) PL/SQL stored procedure parameters?
or what are the two parameters that are mandatory for pl/sql type concurrent program?
Procedure/function (ERRBUF OUT
ERRBUF :- Used to write the error message to log or request file.
RETCODE :- Populate log request file with program submission details info.
27) What is Value Set?
--The value set is a collection (or) container of values.
--When ever the value set associated with any report parameters. It provides list of values to the end user to accept one of the values as report parameter value.
-- If the list of values needed to be dynamic and ever changing and define a table based values set.
27) What r the validation types?
1) None -------- validation is minimal.
2) Independent ------input must exist on previously defined list of values
3) Dependent ------input is checked against a subset of values based on a
prior value.
3) Table ----- input is checked against values in an application table
4) Special ------ values set uses a flex field itself.
5) Pair ------ two flex fields together specify a range of valid values.
6) Translatable independent ----- input must exist on previously defined list
of values; translated values can be used.
7) Translatable dependent ------- input is checked against a subset of values
based on a prior values; translated value can be used.
28) Form development process?
a) open template form
b) Save as .fmb
c) Change the form module name as form name.
d) Delete the default blocks, window, and canvas
e) Create a window.
f) Assign the window property class to window
g) Create a canvas (subclass info)
h) Assign canvas property class to the canvas
I) assign the window to the canvas and canvas to the window
j) Create a data block
k) Modify the form level properties. (sub class item à Text item)
l) Modify the app_cusom package. In the program unit.
m) Modify the pre-form trigger (form level)
n) Modify the module level properties ((console window, First navigation
p) Save and compile the form.
Place the .fmx in the server directory.
Q) Register in the AOL
29)How do u customize the Reports?
a. Identify the Short name of the standard report in which module we have to customize
Ex: - if u want to customize in the AR module path is
Appl top\ar\11.5.0\reports\US\ .rdf
b. Open the .rdf file in Report builder and change the name of the module.
c. Open the data module and modify the query (what is client requirements) assign the columns to the attributes.
d. Go to report wizard and select, what r the newly created columns.
e. Then Compile it. Then u will get a .rep file in the specified module. If it is not in the specified directory then we have to put in the server directory.
f. Then Register in the AOL Concurrent àexecutable.
Concurrent à program.
g. go to system administrator SecurityàResponsibilityàrequest
h) Add and assign a concurrent program to a request group
30) Registering parametric report?
Any applications will have two parameters,
1) from-period 2) to-period
a) Go to object navigator and create the parameters.
User parameters à from_no, to_no (data type char and width 30)
b) Open the report layout and write the query(we have to reg the table in AOL)
Select empno,ename,from g_emp where empno between :from_no and to_no
c) Compile and put the .RDP file in the server directory.
d) Registering in AOL.
Concurrent à executable
Concurrent à program then go to “PARAMETERS”
e) Go to Application à validation àset. then go to “EDIT INTO”
After entering the VALUE SETS (1) And TOKENS (2)
f) Go to Administrations
Sequrity à responsibility à Request
h) Add and assign a concurrent program to a request group

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