Nov 29, 2010

SQL Assignments

1 : Why does the author recommend using a prefix on all the application database objects?
A1: -To quickly identify related application objects when querying DBA_OBJECTS

2: -Why does the author use a database trigger to maintain the data in the INSERT_USER, INSERT_DATE, UPDATE_USER, and UPDATE_DATE?
A2: -To automatically maintain the data in these fields no matter what tool is used to insert or update these objects

3: -Why does the author spool a .log file out of the INSTALL scripts?
A3: -To capture any error and/or warning statements issued during the execution of the script

4: -What is the ST_INV_SEQ useful for?
A4: -To help insure a unique ST_INV_ID in the ST_INVENTORY table

5: -What is the difference between an inline and an out-of-line constraint.
A5: -An inline constraint is one that is defined where the field that it applies to is defined. An out-of-line constraint is one that is added with separate syntax at a later time.

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