Nov 22, 2010

How to key FlexField Data in APPS? KFF's Data.

--Query to retrieve KFF's in Oracle E-Business Suite :

SELECT   COUNT (*), fat.application_name
    FROM fnd_id_flexs fif, fnd_application_tl fat
   WHERE fat.application_id = fif.application_id AND fat.LANGUAGE = 'US'
GROUP BY fat.application_name
ORDER BY fat.application_name

SELECT   fa.application_short_name, fat.application_name, fif.id_flex_code,
    FROM fnd_id_flexs fif, fnd_application fa, fnd_application_tl fat
   WHERE fa.application_id = fif.application_id
     AND fat.application_id = fa.application_id
     AND fat.LANGUAGE = 'US'
ORDER BY fat.application_name, fif.id_flex_name

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